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6:30 am – My alarm goes off. I roll over, grab my phone and check out today’s headlines on Twitter. I like to know what’s been going on back home in Canada while I’m sleeping.

7:35 am – I leave my flat listening to a Spotify playlist to wake me up on my walk to work. First up I’ve got a pre-briefing with a client to discuss a podcast series we’re recording today.

8:30 am – I’ve finished with the meeting, and stay at the client’s office to record a series of podcasts for an exciting launch – I can’t say any more just yet but stay tuned for when they’re released!

12:30 pm – With the podcast recordings wrapped up, I head to the office and join the team for the rest of the day. Now we just have to wait for the first edits of the podcasts to arrive.

12:45 pm – I arrive back at the office just in time to eat my homemade lunch – falafel salad today. During my lunch hour, I like to catch up with my friends back in Canada as its around this time that they’re usually starting their days; a routine I’ve developed after almost a year in the UK.

After a morning of running around making sure the recordings ran as smoothly as possible, it’s time for a short breather before I crack on with the rest of my day on my other accounts.

3:30 pm – I’ve sent a load of emails, scheduled a handful of social media posts for a client and made some media calls. It’s time for a quick snack – usually a chocolate biscuit or a handful of wasabi peas. A great boost of energy for the rest of the day which I will be spending doing design work for an upcoming pitch – ensuring we always present ourselves beautifully.

5:45 pm – I pack my bag and get ready to squeeze onto the Central line from Bank to Stratford to go for an evening swim at the London Aquatic Centre. I’ve always enjoyed swimming and did it competitively when I was younger. I even worked at pools throughout secondary school and university – it’s my favourite way to unwind.

8:00 pm – Swim finished. I head home from the pool to eat and relax for the rest of the evening; catching up on the latest Netflix series or FaceTiming my friends and family across the pond.

11:00 pm – Lights out, time to rest up for my next jam-packed day at Vested.

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