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Measuring success in 2020

Another year over… we’ve made it. How many times through 2020 have people looked for the fast forward or the rewind buttons, to stop or restart this truly unforgettable year?

When I look back at another year of life at Vested (that’s year three in the UK or in the dog years we seem to actually live by something like year 249) time appears to do the most incredible things. January and February seem but a lifetime away, the lockdown months a confusing mix of sunshine and showers, and then the second half of the year the inevitable rollercoaster we have all lived together. A year of heightened emotions, of great resilience, of flexing and flexing again and inevitably a year built on change.

By all of the traditional measures, this year has been one of great success for our agency. We’ve grown by +35%, we’ve onboarded amazing new clients – including some of the biggest brands in the business and challengers too – and we’ve hired amazing new Vesties, from incredible agencies, to join us on our mission to disrupt the world of financial services communications.

The team will share the impact scores of campaigns and programmes where we have used communications to shift behaviours, business and opportunities. Of creativity found and applied in the most challenging of times. Of KPIs beaten time and again. All of which are – and continue to be – amazing.

However, at this time of reflection, I think I will measure this year in different ways.

For all the traditional metrics, what I care about most is that dear our team and our clients have largely remained safe and well through this year. That despite everything, we’ve grown closer and built relationships that I suspect will sustain us all for years to come. Ultimately with all the challenges we’ve faced, we’ve faced them and overcome them together.

So I, like so many others, say a firm farewell to 2020 and look to brighter times. I will remember this year yes for all that it has thrown at us, but also as a year where community, care and of course kindness have become the watch words of our lives. And a year in which I am thankful for what we have – and that we are together.

With thanks to my incredible Vesties, our wonderful client partners and all of our network and supporters. Wishing you all a restful and peaceful festive season.

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