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In today’s digital environment, having an effective digital and social media strategy is critical to every marketing and communications campaign. Nearly every potential stakeholder – whether an employee, investor, institution, or regulator – is also a digital consumer. Whether your organization is looking to boost brand awareness or drive leads, Vested’s expert team understands how different facets of digital marketing are best utilized for various audiences and platforms, and how we can use social media to convey a financial brand’s message and personality.

Award Winning Financial Digital Marketing Services

Vested is consistently recognized as a key player in the global digital marketing and social media space.

Our Digital Marketing & Social Media Services

Vested’s digital marketing experts plan and implement comprehensive strategies that leverage your digital channels and technologies to achieve your business objectives.

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Our team starts with a comprehensive health check of a website’s performance, usability, SEO, and overall effectiveness, which allows us to craft the right strategy to enhance user experience and maximize the site’s potential.

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No matter the system, we can manage your CRM technology to centralize customer data and interactions, enabling your businesses to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline processes.

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Our digital experts optimize website content, structure, and user experience to make your site more accessible to search engines and users, ultimately leading to increased organic traffic and better visibility in search results.

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We can increase and drive net new traffic to your website using specific targeting like demographics, interests, and online behavior.

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Nurture leads, retain customers, and build brand loyalty with engaging, personalized content for your audience with email campaigns designed to promote services or drive sales.

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With your marketing strategy in place, our team can enable automation across your website, social platforms, and email campaigns to streamline your efforts, allowing for more efficient and targeted communication with your audience.

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Using multiple channels, our team builds strategies and tactics to attract and capture potential customers who have shown interest in our client’s products and services.

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We start with an audit of existing content, then define KPIs in order to create the campaigns that connect your brand with your audience. Once live, our team monitors engagement to address concerns and build relationships.

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We track and analyze mentions and conversations related to your brand, industry, competitors, or specific keywords or topics.

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Our teams propose, manage, and execute strategic partnerships between brands and influencers in the unique spaces our clients occupy.

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Using data to optimize and automate the digital ad buying process, we can target specific audiences more efficiently with ad formats like display, video, native, and mobile.

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Increase your website’s visibility in search engine results pages through a dedicated paid advertising strategy.

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As part of a holistic social media strategy, our experts recommend paid social media tactics that will result in increased visibility and reach for your business.

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