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At Vested, your brand and reputation matter to us. Using our unique Vested 360 workshops, our teams become experts in your brand, allowing us to develop business driven strategies, recommendations, and creative ideas to ensure every aspect of your brand speaks to your target audience.

Award Winning Financial Branding Services

Vested is consistently recognized as a key player in the global financial branding and corporate reputation space.

Our Brand & Corporate Reputation Services

Vested develops the strategies, ideas and reporting your brand needs to be a key player in your industry.

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We assess the reputation and perception of your institution within the wider industry and among your target audience to gauge your standing in the marketplace by your customers, competitors, regulators, and stakeholders.

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Through comprehensive workshops, we dig into every aspect of your brand, from visual identity and content to messaging, positioning, and guidelines.

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Time for a refresh? Whether there is a shift in target audience or desire to reposition your brand in the market, our experts will guide your business through the design, positioning, and communications strategy that come with revitalizing your brand.

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Your logo plays a key role in brand recognition and recall. Our design experts consider all aspects of your business to produce a visual signature that represents your company’s identity, values, and offerings.

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Lean on our in-house creative team to design and implement interactive, memorable experiences to promote your brand.

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We segment your target audience and create detailed representations of those individuals to inform tailored marketing strategies, content, and messaging.

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The storytelling element of your brand is key to its identity. We work with your company to explain your brand’s unique story, values, and purpose, and use that story to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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The why behind the work your firm does is just as important as the output. As consultants, we work to understand and communicate the mission, history, and impact of your business.

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Once a strategy is in place, we constantly evaluate all aspects of your brand’s performance, impact, and perception in the marketplace.

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Financial Branding & Corporate Reputation Case Studies

As a leading financial branding & corporate reputations firm, Vested’s work stands out across the industry.

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New visual identity, messaging pillars, and website
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Complete brand refresh

Who We Work With

We work clients both big and small within the finance and fintech spaces. From high-growth blockchain technology companies to premier global banking institutions, our clients touch every facet of the industry.

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