Who We Are

Trusted Advisors to the Best Brands in Finance

Vested is a global marketing and communications consulting firm trusted by the best brands in finance. From banks to asset managers and fintechs, from London to New York and Toronto, Vested supports financial marcomms leaders as they tell the complex and fascinating story of money and its impact on our lives.

We are a collective of strategists, experts, creatives, former investment professionals and financial reporters, advising CEOs, CMOs and CCOs on their brand at the highest levels.

As the only marketing firm to train our teams with FINRA and the FCA in the US and the CFA in the UK, the only PR group with a Chief Economist and the only brand consultancy with its own VC fund, our clients rely on Vested’s financial acumen and trust us to deliver creative outcomes and outsized business results.

Clients come to Vested for our integrated approach and our fresh take on communicating even the most complex messages. We’re the first choice for the biggest and best – which is why the world’s two largest financial information providers both trust us to make their data compelling. It’s why two top-ten investment banks have turned to Vested to tell their technology stories. And it’s why key players in the National Market System rely on Vested to explain how they support the fabric of finance. We collaborate with the Museum of American Finance to tell the story of our industry’s past and with leading fintech brands to shape the industry’s future.

Group Vested

Vested knows that modern financial CMO’s and CCO’s need more than just great paid, owned and earned media. To support financial storytellers around the world, we built the Group Vested platform of innovative professional services, technology, events and education businesses to power the best financial brands.

Financial Studio logo

The creative solution that offers companies at all stages of their growth the ability to establish, expand, or refresh their brand in a scalable way without lengthy, expensive retainers.

Logo for Financial Narrative in black text with yellow and green graphic elements.

A community of leading financial marketers and storytellers created to help them find inspiration from exclusive content, share best practices and build their personal brands through speaking opportunities and private networking events.

Logo for Red Lab with the glasses wearing dog icon and text in red.

Website development and digital marketing for fintech clients. Creating websites that are discoverable, user-friendly, responsive, bloat-free, accessible, secure and easily editable.

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A full-scale public relations and communications program designed specifically to cater to startup, early-stage and recently launched financial services brands and products.

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A free platform that connects business and finance journalists with vetted expert sources, enabling communications leaders to identify trends and inform tomorrow’s financial stories today.

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An investment fund to support ultra-lean fintech startups with a unique combination of money, network and exposure.

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A business journalism news site that covers media moves, the business of news, job postings, and resources for student journalists.