Eric Hazard - Vested

Eric Hazard

Eric Hazard

CEO, Vested Ventures

Eric Hazard is a financial technology and communications veteran identifying investment opportunities for Vested Ventures, structuring investments and integrating portfolio companies into Vested’s complete suite of communications services. During his career, he has worked with some of the most recognizable brands in financial services—such as Charles Schwab, BNY Mellon, Northern Trust, SWIFT and Deutsche Bank—to identify target markets, launch new products and bring a clearer focus on the value proposition through brand development. Eric began his career at Morgan Stanley as a financial advisor and later worked in the corporate treasury department at Michaels Stores and at Asset International, publishers of Plan Sponsor, Plan Adviser and Global Custodian, as a journalist and publisher. Eric holds a certificate in Fintech from MIT and is the host of the online video series Focus on Fintech.

“Capital markets fuel a global economic engine which improve lives and communities around the world; as a financial storyteller I bring these stories to life and celebrate finance as a force for good. ”