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Vested is a new communications agency for a new financial industry. At Vested we mix two shots of deep marketing, PR and communications industry experience with a swig of combustible creativity, throw in a dash of smart data and pour the whole thing over a global ecosystem, to deliver potent and refreshing outcomes for our clients.

Vested has a unique perspective on the changes taking place within the financial services industry today. To meet the demand these changes are creating, we have combined a truly integrated communications model with a distinctive approach to talent management and an unparalleled industry network.

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Vested Ventures Completes Seed Round Investment in Dojo

February 16, 2018

Vested Ventures Completes Seed Round Investment in Dojo

We’re happy for the opportunity to add Dojo Technology Corp. to the Vested Ventures investment portfolio. We announced the deal this morning. Led by CEO Chad Sichello, Dojo has an important mission and a purpose-driven team capable of executing it. Dojo’s iOS and Android-friendly mobile platform reimagines how families and young people interact with their banks and credit unions by providing reward-based gamification and nudging users towards positive financial habits. The technology, in other words, promotes financial literacy in a meaningful, potentially sticky, way. The perceptions and habits Millennials demonstrate...

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