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Vested is a new communications agency for a new financial industry. At Vested we mix two shots of deep marketing, PR and communications industry experience with a swig of combustible creativity, throw in a dash of smart data and pour the whole thing over a global ecosystem, to deliver potent and refreshing outcomes for our clients.

Vested has a unique perspective on the changes taking place within the financial services industry today. To meet the demand these changes are creating, we have combined a truly integrated communications model with a distinctive approach to talent management and an unparalleled industry network.

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The American Consumer and What’s Left of the Recovery

May 01, 2018

The American Consumer and What’s Left of the Recovery

As seen on Investopedia. Consumers have begun to run ahead of themselves, threatening the recovery’s durability.  Perhaps because incomes have accelerated so dramatically over the past 14-15 months, households have dispensed with their former caution and increased their spending even faster.  They have less of a relative surplus than before for savings, which have declined as a percent of after-tax income to levels not seen since 2007.  If households keep up this behavior, and it looks as though they will, the sector in not too long a time will confront a...

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