Hello Vested - Vested

Hello Vested

Hello, We’re Vested.

We’re a nerdy yet creative, collaborative yet independently ambitious group of people obsessed with the intersection of finance and communication.

We get excited by the latest trends in asset management, but even more excited by color palettes that represent them; we talk a lot about the future of insurance, but even more about wordsmithing that story.

At Vested, we believe that finance can be fun. And we love proving that to ourselves, and our clients, every day.

The Manivesto.

Success at Vested looks different than other places — because here, no two people are alike. We come from 11 countries, across 19 areas of study and 22 industries. However, we’ve found that all Vesties, as we call ourselves, embody three traits that make them exceptional team members.


Vesties are constantly asking questions and challenging the norm — both internally and with their clients. Our staff’s innate sense of curiosity allows Vested to provide exceptional service by asking the tough questions, providing out-of-the-box solutions and fostering a diverse and stimulating environment for employees at all levels.

Intellectual & Indispensable

We seek people that challenge our assumptions, that look and think differently than we. Those who succeed at Vested are those who challenge the norm, and who are always on the lookout for ways to improve. Improve themselves, improve a client’s program, or improve something around the office.

Evolving Entrepreneurship

“Entrepreneurism” as a term is in vogue. But it’s also one of the most misunderstood concepts in business. Entrepreneurs are not misanthropic, individualistic or greedy. They’re not know-it-alls. The best leaders are selfless, generous, and freakishly positive. Always leading from the front, they put their colleagues and clients before themselves or their careers and are constantly looking for ways to improve.

We put our money where our mouth is:

Vested is more than just a name – it’s a philosophy. Our biggest asset is our top-tier talent; and in order to attract and retain the best, we invest heavily in their success and well-being.

Vested Benefits

Graphic icon in green line-work depicting a tropical cocktail in a coconut shell with a drink umbrella and a straw.

Paid Time Off

  • Unlimited Paid Time Off (for full-time permanent employees)
  • 10 Vested Paid Holidays
  • Parental Leave
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  • Medical, Dental via United Healthcare
  • Vision via VSP
  • Medical coverage up to 100% of the employee premium
  • Dental and vision up to 50% of employee premium
  • FSA
  • HSA
  • Commuter Benefits
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Financial Literacy

  • 401K
  • One Eleven
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Additional Compensation Opportunities

  • Annual Performance Bonus Program
  • Candidate Referral Bonus Program
  • Client Commission Program
  • Social Sharing Program
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Agency Perks

  • Vestie@Home tech package
  • IT Reimbursement
  • Coworking Via Wework
  • Tickets at Work Discounts
  • 3-month Sabbatical after 4 years of service
  • Equity shares after a one-full calendar year of full-time service
  • Uber account
  • Unlimited snacks and drinks in the Vested office

Diversity and Inclusion

A Path for Everyone



“Working at Vested has been an incredible opportunity to learn not only about the financial services world, but also about all aspects of corporate communications.”

Sydney Berman,
Account Executive



“Vested is a place where good ideas become great, where comms pros come to challenge themselves and where clients go to get something refreshing, bold, inspired and genuinely different from what they’re used to.”

Brandon Jones,
Account Manager



“The team at Vested has built a culture of quality through collaboration. Freelancing often feels like I’m working with them, not just for them. Being able to add my expertise and creative perspective to their plans allows the work to excel in every facet of business.”

James Fagen,
Freelance Video Editor


What does a typical day look like?

There is no such thing as a typical day at Vested. Each day is unique depending on the client and assignments for the week. What is typical is we start each Monday with our Editorial meeting where the entire global team joins and you have an opportunity to share any news articles that piqued your interest over the weekend. Thursday afternoons we have our weekly Get Vested meeting where teams can highlight recent client work and keep up to date with internal agency happenings.

How many accounts would I work on?

Each employee works a different number of accounts and it varies based on level, size of account and the hours dedicated to each account. A typical associate works an average of 3 accounts when they begin, and most of our Account Executives are on up to 5 accounts.

What does growth at Vested look like?

Growth at Vested is individualized based on each Vestie’s (that’s what we call our Vested team!) growth path. Our standard job descriptions provide a guide for your growth at Vested, but every employee works on setting specific goals and objectives that are tailored to their individual interests- if you want to dig deep into a specific topic (e.g.. social media or content writing) we will find the opportunities for you to do so.

Are there specific departments?

Vested truly believes in an integrated approach to client work which means we don’t have departments. Instead, different Vesties have specialities, such as our Senior Designer, Project Manager or Director with an expertise in Marketing. We believe it’s important that everyone strives to become a well-rounded integrated communications professional, which means providing everyone the opportunity to work across media relations, social and marketing, thought leadership, pitching, etc.

Are there opportunities for learning and development?

Vested hosts bi-weekly Lunch and Learn sessions with topics ranging from how to write a briefing sheet to explaining crypto currency. We also host VestEd sessions that we open up to our clients and industry partners to attend where our Chief Economist and other special guests share their knowledge with us.

What’s the interview process like?

After submitting your application, a member of our HR team will review your information to determine whether you could be a fit as a potential Vestie. We will reach out to you to schedule a brief introductory phone call that will offer you an opportunity to ask questions and learn more about us. From there candidates will have two video or live interviews with our team, and then a final presentation with a writing test.