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Top 4 Fintech Marketing Obstacles

Explore the top 4 challenges facing fintech marketers today and discover actionable strategies to overcome them.

Jeff Kuns, Contributing Writer

Digital Marketing for Financial Services: Tips, Ideas & Strategies

Unlock the power of digital marketing in finance with Vested. Drive engagement and build trust with expert strategies tailored for financial services.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

Content Marketing for Financial Services: Tips, Ideas & Strategies

Unlock the power of content marketing in finance with Vested. Drive engagement and build trust with expert strategies tailored for financial services.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

Social Media for Financial Services: Benefits, Tips & Strategies

Discover powerful strategies for financial services social media marketing with Vested. Maximize engagement and grow your brand effectively.

Caroline McMullan, Senior Marketing Strategist

Financial Branding: Ideas, Inspiration & Best Practices

Learn best practices for financial branding, get inspiration from successful brands, and find out how to build a brand kit in this guide from Vested.

Eric Hazard, Managing Director

Crafting an Ever-Evolving Editorial Calendar

Vested Managing Director Eric Hazard shares his advice on staying true to your organization's editorial objectives and how to make the most out of your content with PR Daily.

Sean Devlin, Reporter

Is the UK a Hostile Environment for Bigwigs Who Forget the Basics?

Are there lessons to be learned from the recent NatWest fallout? Vested Associate Director Henry Adams examines the current environment in which the story is unfolding and and the implications for business leaders moving forward.

Henry Adams, Associate Director

MAD//Fest 2023

Account Executive Marcus McGrigor shares his key learnings from this year's MAD//Fest marketing festival in London.

Marcus McGrigor, Account Executive

What Google Analytics 4 Means for Your Business

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is here to stay and Universal Analytics has officially been retired. What does that mean for your organization and why does it matter?

Ibby Hussain, Senior Account Manager

Threads Is Huge. Sew What?

Meta’s Threads has been out only a few weeks, but it already has become a major player in the social space. But is it the Twitter killer everyone was anticipating?

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

How Can Businesses Celebrate Earth Day Authentically?

How are your Earth Day comms shaping up? Account Director Megan Lloyd shares her top pointers for brands planning to weigh in.

Megan Lloyd, Account Director

After SVB Collapse, Regional Banks Hustle to Protect Their Reputation

Vested US CEO Amber Roberts weighs in on how her teams are responding to the aftermath of the SVB collapse and the importance of communications in uncertain times.

Ewan Larkin, Reporter

You Can Bank on This Crisis Communications Toolkit

In the finance world, bad news travels fast, and rumors travel even faster. All PR professionals know that in a crisis situation, every second you’re not actively participating in the conversation is a strike against you. The Vested Crisis Communications toolkit provides you with guidance that all FinComm pros can follow when planning for and responding publicly to organizational emergencies.

Amber Roberts, CEO, US

Maximizing the Vested Media Map

The recently launched Vested Media Map is a great tool to uncover valuable media trends and insights to help you stay ahead of the competition. This deep-dive video will help you discover how to maximize its potential.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

PR and Communications Resources for Growth

During times of turmoil, smart orgs get resourceful. There are many free or low-cost resources that can help early-stage brands carve out a competitive advantage in the PR and marketing communications space. These are some of Team Vested’s favorites.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

Charting the Media Landscape with the Vested Media Map

Vested is excited to announce the official launch of the Vested Media Map, a real-time dashboard of top media topics across core industries.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

The Role of Reputation in Uncertain Markets

With market fluctuation and economic uncertainty at a high, brands are under increased pressure to manage their reputations. Director Jo Field examines how increased scrutiny impacts communications strategies.

Jo Field, Director

At the Vested Bar with Shari Dodgen: Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing at Trintech

Shari Dodgen, Vice President of Global Corporate Marketing at Trintech, sits down at the Vested bar to discuss communicating with a global mindset, speaking to various, complex audiences, and how the culture at Trintech has evolved thanks to powerful female leadership.

Caroline McMullan, Agency Marketing Specialist

Three Trends for Communication Professionals in 2023

At the final Breakfast & Brainfood event of the year, marketing leaders met to discuss the third annual Financial Narrative, Financial Marketers’ Index. They reviewed key learnings from 2022 and looked ahead to the challenges and opportunities we expect to face in 2023.

Megan Lloyd, Senior Account Manager

A New Standard in Climate and Investing: Most Effective Content Marketing Campaign 2022, Financial Services Forum Awards

The Vested UK team led the go-to-market strategy for CFA UK’s Certificate in Climate & Investing, which resulted in winning the Most Effective Content Marketing Campaign 2022 at the Financial Services Forum Awards.

Jo Field, Director

Financial Services Brands on Twitter: Should They Stay or Should They Go?

What does Elon Musk's Twitter takeover mean for brands and advertisers who rely on the platform? Vested's social media experts share the advice they’ve given to financial services clients about posting and advertising on Twitter during this uncertain time.

Keren Unrad, Head of Agency Marketing

What Is a Communications Professional’s Role in the Face of War and Crisis?

In times of crisis, communications professionals have to determine the right actions, provide expert counsel, and execute with compassion and tact. Account Executive Gabby DiCarlo examines the steps professionals took during the start of the Ukraine crisis and offers a path for moving forward.

Gabby DiCarlo, Account Executive

At the Vested Bar with Jessica Zaloom: Head of Corporate Communications at WisdomTree

Jessica Zaloom, Head of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at WisdomTree, sits down at the Vested bar to discuss marketing to various audiences, her advice for those breaking into the industry, and how she successfully partners with her Vested team.

Caroline McMullan, Marketing Specialist

Understanding, Trust, Tone and Thoughtfulness: The Armory of Communicators

Managing Director Katie Spreadbury joined Signal AI to discuss the opportunities and challenges that a recessionary environment presents to B2B communicators. Dive into what she learned and how the panelists believe communicators can be most valuable to their consumers during times of volatility.

Katie Spreadbury, Managing Director

Vested Steps Behind the Camera

Account Assistant Marcus McGrigor got a taste of the media training and preparation he puts clients through with a series of mock interviews designed to make it feel like you're presenting to a live audience.

Marcus McGrigor, Account Assistant

For the Love of Campaigns!

Campaign work can be rewarding, intriguing and challenging. Managing Director Katie Spreadbury explores the campaign process, the magic of collaborating with a team, and the moment when a complex idea comes to life.

Katie Spreadbury, Managing Director

5 Considerations When Developing Your ESG Strategy

Learn how ESG-focused industry leaders build strategies in their own companies and the 5 key points to consider when developing your own ESG policies.

Abbegayle Stallons, Contributing Writer

Cost of Living Crisis: How Does It Impact How We Communicate?

As the cost of living crisis continues to take its toll and inflation is expected to peak above 10% later this year, Account Director Amelia Graham explores what it means for both borrowers and savers in real terms and ultimately how brands communicate with their customers.

Amelia Graham, Account Director

Landing a PR Job After Graduation

Between the applications, interviews, and waiting games, the process of landing a PR job after graduation can feel very overwhelming. After spending years learning a new skill set you suddenly are facing a brand new challenge - breaking into the job market. Senior Account Executive Madison Perrott shares tips to stand out from the crowd and better position yourself to land a job after college.

Madison Perrott, Senior Account Executive

The Difference Between Paid, Owned, & Earned Media

There are many ways of getting your organization’s message across to the world. Broadly, these fall into three categories: Paid Media, Owned Media, and Earned Media. Each of these PR channels have their own strengths and weaknesses, and each serves an important role in developing a strong media mix.

Bryan Aungst, Contributing Writer

The Market and CFOs Are Clearly Discounting Recession

Vested Chief Economist Milton Ezrati weighs in on what it means that more than half of CFOs believe that the Fed will take the necessary steps and will stem the inflation, even if they underestimate the ultimate size of the necessary interest rate increase.

Milton Ezrati, Chief Economist

Humanising Brands Is the Key to Unlocking Meaningful Relationships

Vested hosted a breakfast event in collaboration with LinkedIn to discuss the trends from the Finfluence Report that will drive the agenda for FinServ marketers over the next year and beyond. Learn more about what was discussed and where we can go from here.

Jo Field, Director

The Many Mysteries of Decision Making

Joseph Devlin, Vice-Dean at UCL and a leading specialist in the sphere of neuroscience and marketing, shares how our brains impact decision making, even when it comes to brands and services.

Katie Spreadbury, Managing Director

At the Vested Bar with Lynn Kier: VP of Corporate Communications at Diebold Nixdorf

Join Keren Unrad, Vested's Head of Marketing as she interviews Lynn Kier, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Diebold Nixdorf. They dive into the power of storytelling in marketing, how to use global teams and perspectives to the benefit of consumers, and how Lynn boosts women in a male dominated industry.

Caroline McMullan, Marketing Specialist

LinkedIn-spiration: 4 FinServ Companies to Emulate on LinkedIn

Need inspiration for your corporate LinkedIn page? Check out these four best-in-class examples to revamp your existing strategy.

Chad Schmidt, Vice President

Decentralized Leadership is Key to Organizational Change

Decentralized leadership is the key to progressive organizational change. It's also a reflection of our increasingly decentralized world.

Jo Field, Director, Vested UK

What Elon Musk Could Mean for Brands on Twitter

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter could mean big changes (and problems) for brands.

Chad Schmidt, Vice President

TikTok #ForYou…and #ForYourBrand

Once thought of as an app for videos of dancing teenagers, TikTok has now become a platform for financial services brands and fintechs to create awareness among new audiences.

Chad Schmidt, Vice President

Where IR and Content Meet

First quarter earnings are around the corner, a time when the Investor Relations’ pages of a corporate website start gaining real traction. The IR role is an important one and a good content strategy, like a solid quarterly earnings, can drive eyeballs to your site. 

Heather Robertson, Senior Content and Campaigns Manager

The meaning of being customer-led

Elspeth Rothwell, CEO UK, Vested

A wiser way to go public

Linden Gregory, Senior Account Manager, Vested

JPMorgan Chase Adds Nutmeg to its U.K. Launch Plans

Alex Bayliss, Associate Director, Vested

Reaching B2B Audiences in a B2H Way

Katie Spreadbury, UK Managing Director

10 Fresh Marketing Ideas For Financial Services

Caroline McMullan, Senior Marketing Strategist

How To Leverage Financial Services Events For Marketing Success

Caroline McMullan, Senior Marketing Strategist