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International Women’s Day: Embrace Equity

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating the theme “Embrace Equity,” which focuses on promoting gender balance and inclusion in all areas of society.

Loreal Torres, Chief People Officer

Vested UK Celebrates Five Years

In honor of the fifth anniversary of Vested UK, CEO Elspeth Rothwell reflects on where the team started, how far they've come, and the lessons learned along the way.

Elspeth Rothwell, CEO, EMEA

Group Vested Launches Creative Platform Finance Studio

In a PRWeek exclusive, Group Vested announces the launch of Finance Studio, the new creative platform providing custom content, design, branding and digital marketing services.

Ewan Larkin, Reporter

The Vested Sabbatical Program

After four years of service, Vested employees are eligible for an extended sabbatical to rest, recharge, and return to their role with a refreshed outlook.

Caroline McMullan, Agency Marketing Specialist

Three Trends for Communication Professionals in 2023

At the final Breakfast & Brainfood event of the year, marketing leaders met to discuss the third annual Financial Narrative, Financial Marketers’ Index. They reviewed key learnings from 2022 and looked ahead to the challenges and opportunities we expect to face in 2023.

Megan Lloyd, Senior Account Manager

The Right Foot: How Can a Leader Succeed?

The key to building and retaining a successful team is to be a leader who prioritizes helping their employees shine. Managing Director Katie Spreadbury reflects on her own experiences as a leader and teammate, and the ways organizations can foster cultures of trust and growth.

Katie Spreadbury, Managing Director

Banking in the Face of Rising Rates, Recession and Inflation

After second quarter bank profits fell from a year ago, Chief Economist Milton Ezrati examines the impact of rising rates, recession and inflation on bank earnings.

Milton Ezrati, Chief Economist

Ishviene Arora Elected to 2022 PRNEWS Top Women in PR

Ishviene Arora, Group Vested President and Chief Client Officer, was elected to the 2022 PRNEWS Top Women in PR list in the Entrepreneur category.

Caroline McMullan, Marketing Specialist

Double-Digit Growth Leads to Exciting Leadership Updates at Vested

Ishviene Arora, Group Vested President and Chief Client Officer, reflects on the agency's growth that has led to the leadership team's expanded roles and responsibilities.

Ishviene Arora, President & Chief Client Officer

The Economic Impacts of an Abortion Ban

The Supreme Court's landmark decision to overturn Roe v. Wade impacts not only women, but the financial sector as a whole. Senior Account Executive Samantha Clark examines how the ruling may influence economic opportunity.

Samantha Clark, Senior Account Executive

“LGBTQ Rights on the Line: The Role of Communicators Advocating for Equality" with Vested Account Manager Corey Law

Tune into the Museum of Public Relations' “LGBTQ Rights on the Line: The Role of Communicators Advocating for Equality," a panel featuring LGBTQ communicators including Vested's own Corey Law.

Caroline McMullan, Marketing Specialist

What Elon Musk Could Mean for Brands on Twitter

Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter could mean big changes (and problems) for brands.

Chad Schmidt, Vice President

Milton Ezrati on TD Ameritrade Network: "Required Rate Increases Could Cause a Recession"

Vested Chief Economist Milton Ezrati on the TD Ameritrade Network show "Morning Trade Live" discussing inflation and the risk of a possible recession.

Keren Unrad, Head of Agency Marketing

An Interview with the Man Who's Keeping Ukraine's Media Going

Watch Lou Carlozo's interview with Jakub Parusinski as he discusses his million dollar campaign to help Ukrainian journalists.

Keren Unrad, Head of Agency Marketing

Maya Angelou Quarters: Black History on U.S. Currency

It’s official! The new Maya Angelou quarters have entered circulation as of January 2022. Four other prominent women will also be featured on quarters later this year.

Vested Welcomes Red Lab Technologies

Acquisition strengthen's Vested's digital capabilities to better serve our clients.

Here We Go Again --- Maybe

Milton Ezrati, Chief Economist

The meaning of being customer-led

Elspeth Rothwell, CEO UK, Vested

A wiser way to go public

Linden Gregory, Senior Account Manager, Vested

JPMorgan Chase Adds Nutmeg to its U.K. Launch Plans

Alex Bayliss, Associate Director, Vested

Reaching B2B Audiences in a B2H Way

Katie Spreadbury, UK Managing Director

The Battle For British Capitalism

Danny Calogero, Director

How To Create A Unique Webinar When Everyone’s Doing It

In a time where everyone’s inbox is flooded with virtual meetings, how do you create a successful webinar that’s interesting and engaging? Here are 5 tips.