To kick off this year’s Pride Month celebrations, the Museum of Public Relations hosted “LGBTQ Rights on the Line: The Role of Communicators Advocating for Equality.” On June 2, leading LGBTQ communicators from advocacy organizations, agencies and corporations, along with leading journalists and advocates, engaged in discussion from being out in the workplace, to laws that don’t protect LGBTQ populations, to what communicators can do to advocate for equality.

Vested’s own Corey Law joined the event to give perspective on the agency side. As an account manager, Corey weighed in on how his personal experiences impact how he shows up within financial communications:

I take my job as a communications consultant very seriously, largely because so many stories in the financial services arena today are all about values and belief systems. My experience growing up as a gay man in the south taught me how valuable these types of stories are and showed me firsthand how lives can be changed by telling them openly, honestly, and respectfully. Now that I’m a steward of this brand of storytelling, it’s my role to create more spaces at the table and use what power I have to amplify more diverse voices.”

Watch the full event here (and tune into Corey’s portion at 55:20):


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