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Why Content Marketing is More Important Than Ever in Finance

Good content marketing is a key cornerstone to acquiring new customers, and this is especially true in the finance world. Content that informs, engages and helps people manage their money and investments better will likely create long lasting and loyal customers.

This is especially important during times of crisis or economic uncertainty, both of which we are living in now. More than ever, people are looking for clear and reliable information.

Writing in Finextra, Joshua Frith says now is the best time for finance content marketers to display courage, empathy, and leadership—at a time when their customers are facing uncertainty, stress, and anguish.

“A recession is a reminder of the highest purpose of finance content marketing: education,” he writes. “In the current context, the millions of people put out of work overnight by the COVID-19 pandemic are millions of people who need financial help—and quickly.”

“The uncertainty created by a recession may have a severe impact on the mental health and wellbeing of your customers—whether they’ve suffered actual financial losses or are struggling to cope with the fear of the possibility,” Frith continues. “That’s why it’s so important to offer support and build trust through finance content that displays empathy and brings comfort.”

Indeed, times such as these call out for what makes content marketing effective — namely, providing information that consumers are seeking and providing value to stand out in a crowded and noisy marketing landscape.

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