Financial PR Case Study: Finlync | Vested

Bringing an Innovative Narrative to a Legacy Function


When you think about corporate treasury technology, innovation is not a word that quickly follows. FinLync was looking for an agency to disrupt the status quo and reposition the firm as a creative fintech changing the future of corporate treasury through its unique value proposition and technology.


In order to build a larger narrative, Vested worked with FinLync to create a b2b2c messaging platform to ensure that the larger fintech media, who are also consumers and understand the power of bank APIs in their personal finances, could grasp the messages. It was critical to tie the corporate treasury technology story to consumer payments parallels in order to break outside of the traditional corporate treasury media and into larger fintech discussions. We also created an integrated brand and media campaign highlighting FinLync as the choice for forward thinkers and industry changemakers.


Vested’s multi-pronged approach mobilizing an active newsroom, executive eminence and awards/events programming resulted in several top-tier placements for the new fintech. Vested and FinLync collaborated on bold campaigns that pushed the boundaries of the industry, including launching a public Bank API Catalog and rankings which drove media interest but also tied to the business goal of expanding its global bank partnerships. Additionally, ongoing Forbes thought leadership content helped elevate more technical topics up to the C-suite. The program has been ongoing since 2020.



Mockup of the Finlync coverage.