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LinkedIn is a prerequisite for almost every financial services company. It’s a place to reach your investors, prospective and current employees, customers, partners, or even regulators. And it’s a platform that’s arguably the most brand-safe of any social media network – away from much of the politics, toxicity, bots, and lack of nuance that’s typical of places like Twitter and Facebook.

But whether you’ve been at it for years or are new to the space, you may be in need of some LinkedIn-spiration (see what we did there?) for your corporate LinkedIn account. Take a peek at these four exemplary financial services feeds for some fresh content ideas:

Ellevest | LinkedIn

Ellevest’s stated mission is to “to get more money in the hands of women”. Their LinkedIn presence concentrates squarely on that mission, providing financial well-being content targeted at a female audience. Throughout their feed, they integrate a balanced mix of external publisher content and owned blog pieces, providing one place for women to get trusted financial information.

Sallie Krawcheck, their co-founder and CEO, is an influencer in her own right (and an excellent follow). The Ellevest page takes full advantage by consistently interacting with her content and amplifying her presence by sharing her posts to their page. They also follow best practice by always including a caption to the shared post, not just spamming the share button without any added context.

Ellevest also tends to elevate their holiday content by not simply saying “Happy [fill-in-the-blank] Day!”, but by connecting it to their mission and by adding a more personal touch to the occasion. This past Mothers Day, the company shared a post in which one of their financial advisors’ described how their mom taught them about finance. It attracted over 100 engagements and was a personal, in-depth, and on-brand way to celebrate the occasion.

DBRS Morningstar | LinkedIn

DBRS Morningstar, the global credit ratings agency, is committed to bringing clarity, diversity and responsiveness to the ratings process. Their data-centric approach to business is reflected in their social media presence, which often posts about their credit reports that are packed with data and insights. To distill that data into a socially digestible format, DBRS Morningstar pulls out graphs and charts from their analysis and accompanies them with excerpts from the report authors.

Their account itself is a content engine, posting 3 times per day on average. They maintain the kind of steady drumbeat that teaches their audience to keep coming back to DBRS Morningstar for consistent, reliable, evidence-based content. An example of how the company fills their feed while highlighting their unique industry expertise has been showcasing their deep bench of analysts who speak at both internal and external industry webinars, events, and conferences.

GIC Singapore | LinkedIn

GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund, consistently relies on one of LinkedIn’s most underappreciated content formats – the carousel. Similar to DBRS Morningstar, GIC concentrates on their expertise at industry events and insights they’re able to provide about the space. They differentiate by using the carousel post type, creating a dedicated carousel for each speaker event with notable quotes and an accompanying headshot and title. They also use these posts to better explain subjects like sustainability and how they contribute to Singapore.

They also post some carousels with each slide in portrait mode, an effective way to take up the majority of the screen on a user’s feed and better capture their attention. Here’s an example of GIC using the method at their 2nd annual Women Leaders Programme and another example from an external speaking event.

U.S. Bank | LinkedIn

U.S. Bank’s LinkedIn strategy leans on a variety of highly-produced videos that spotlight people – whether that’s their customers, employees, or communities. All videos are posted natively which is a critical driver of on-platform engagement, rather than linking to an external site like YouTube. Over the past year, U.S. Bank has posted 34 original native videos to their page, each focused on the people that make their business possible.

An under-utilized feature that U.S. Bank has already put into use four times this year is LinkedIn Events. Most recently, they were able to attract over 100 RSVPs for a business networking event.

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