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Unlock Your Business Potential in a Volatile Market: PR and Communications Resources for Your Growing Business

It’s no big secret that the market is up and down these days. For large established organizations, it creates serious headaches. For startups, a volatile market can be devastating. 

During times of turmoil, smart orgs get resourceful. There are many free or low-cost PR and Communications resources that can help early-stage brands carve out a competitive advantage.

Here are some of Team Vested’s favorites:

Google Alerts

Google Alerts are a great tool to keep tabs on what the media is saying about your brand and its competitors. Easy to set up and maintain, Google will deliver automated alerts to your inbox based on the schedule you define, any time news is published that matches your identified keywords. 


ChatGPT is an AI tool that can help you quickly craft creative, informative copy across any number of use cases. This technology is so new we’re only just beginning to unlock its full potential, but one thing is for sure: it’s really cool. Our chairman even used it to write a blog post

While fast and efficient, there are concerns with information accuracy, so always be sure to fact check the AI’s work. Additionally, some organizations have established policies prohibiting the use of ChatGPT, so be sure to understand your company’s stance on futurist robots writing your social posts.


Qwoted is a network that connects PR pros, experts and business owners, and media professionals all in one place. Here you can peruse requests for expertise from journalists and writers and pitch your angle to contribute to their stories in top tier publications like Bloomberg, Forbes, Business Insider, and many, many more. Qwoted also offers additional resources like a communications-focused jobs board and an Expert Database to both find and be found.

Qwoted offers free, pro, and teams tiers, with varying levels of access and capabilities. The platform was originally developed within Vested before it was spun off into its own organization. 

Answer the Public

ATP is a tool that taps into the wild world of Google search. Using this tool to research raw search insights can help inform SEO and paid search strategies. You can access limited free uses daily on the platform or pay to upgrade for more frequent queries.


With a somewhat limited free tier, SEMRush is one of the more expensive platforms on this list. But it just may be worth the cost. With a suite of different tools built in to monitor and improve your SEM campaigns, track your competitors, and understand your share of voice in the market, SEMRush is a user-friendly research tool that can help ensure you’re maximizing your marketing dollars.


In a remote-first world, Slack is no longer the well-kept secret it once was. But that doesn’t diminish the tool’s usefulness. With tons of integrations and the ability to set up separate channels and connections to facilitate collaboration internally and externally, both through chat (empowering asynchronous work) and via video. Bonus: memes and gifs!

Financial Narrative 

Financial Narrative aims to bring together some of the best marcomms leaders in finance together to discuss and shape the future of the industry. It’s a member of the Vested family and, with over 500 members, has seen exponential growth in membership since launch.


Canva is a design tool that’s a perfect fit for a brand on a budget. With free and low-cost subscription offerings, Canva leverages templates and design AI to help you create fool-proof social posts, display ads, email templates, and much more. 


There are a number of tools like Sprout out there, but this one has found its happy home among Vesties. Manage multiple social media accounts, access social listening tools, and analyze and optimize performance holistically across your whole social landscape. While there are some free and cheaper tools out there, this one has become one of our favorites.


Vested offers a free financial education center for senior marcomms professionals and their teams. VestED delivers daily news and perspectives, along with long-form weekly analysis and monthly discussions with our Chief Economist, Milton Ezrati.


You may know that Vested works with some of the world’s most prominent finance organizations and fintech brands. But did you know that we also help smaller companies and startups in finance scale their PR and marketing communications efforts through our unique incubator? 

Vested Accelerator is a full-scale public relations and communications program designed specifically to cater to early-stage and recently launched brands and products. The program brings Vested’s full suite of capabilities in a more flexible package suited to the specific needs of early-stage companies.

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