Financial PR Case Study: HSBC partnered with Vested | Vested

The Business Balancing Act: Supporting Ambitious Global Growth Plans


HSBC partnered with Vested to launch its new payments narrative with an international campaign approach that demonstrated both their global strength and local relationships. Unifying markets around the world the campaign needed an international position with the ability to flex locally.


Vested used various channels to garner national and local media coverage, including leveraging the presence of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden and other prominent government figures, video broadcasts, custom collateral, and paid and organic social media. The full-scale integrated campaign leveraged the momentum from the First Lady’s attendance and the Chicago Apprentice Network event as a hook across other key target cities, positioning Aon as a model employer to generate media opportunities about building a resilient workforce through city leaders, Aon Apprentices and Aon executive spokespeople.


Acknowledging the challenges of securing financing and ensuring growth in a post-pandemic, rising-inflation world, Vested developed a campaign that was both human-centric and data-driven. It drove impact by tapping into the inspiration, personal experience and influence of entrepreneurs, broadcasters, academics, and industry champions. Reaching the target audience of the MME C-suite by connecting them with influencers they recognise as inspiring and impactful on their business ambitions and key issues such as innovation and sustainability.  The global message of HSBC as a forward-thinking holistic partner for MMEs was magnified in local markets.