Marcus McGrigor, Assistant Account Executive as Vested UK describes a typical day in his life. If this sounds like a good fit for you, take a look at the other opportunities available at Vested UK.


A Day in the Life at Vested UK

Life at Vested is pretty fast-paced, but that is why I love it! 

Each day feels fresh with possibility, as most of the time, you don’t exactly know how your day is going to pan out. One day you could be writing a blog like this. The next, you could be meeting a journalist for lunch, or, as once was the case, you could be whisked into a Sherlock Holmes-themed scavenger hunt across London. 

However, on an average day, I wake up early(ish), depending on whether I am heading into the office or not. 

Today I am… 

07:00: My alarm rings. I’m looking forward to getting into the office and seeing the other Vesties. It’s nice knowing that, Covid-permitting, you have the option to go in and see familiar faces. 

08:15: To go with the view from Waterloo bridge, my commute gives me the chance to read and/or listen to the day’s breaking news. I am always trying to keep on top things for clients, but also for the weekly quiz we have on a Friday – “I cannot lose to Danny again!”. 

08:30: Now that I am all up to date, my head filled with the FT’s latest scoop on cryptocurrencies, or the Guardian’s reporting of the energy crisis, it’s time to start work. 

08:50: I open the laptop and assess my inbox for any exciting developments on my accounts. This time it’s a blockchain analytics firm focusing on illicit financial crimes in the crypto space. They have released some new data. It’s my job to distribute comments, source coverage and raise profiles! 

11:00: My morning goes quickly; I am in and out of calls, both internal and client facing. I also keep tabs on the news for any more opportunities for outreach. In which case, I will have to draft a pitch, one that is snappy, informative and grabs attention. 

13:00: Time for lunch on Leather Lane, which always goes down well. It’s such a great spot to have on your doorstep! 

14:00: I begin the afternoon by checking for any updates on my accounts. Often, I will come back to find inbound requests from journalists wanting to talk to an array of clients. A couple of responses today! International Banker has accepted a byline – great. Time to flag to the client and tell them the good news. 

15:00: Next up, I’m working on a digital marketing project, helping to shape the narrative around the future of the working world for a series of videos we have been putting together. It’s very satisfying seeing the final product. I am looking forward to it going live and seeing the reactions on social media. 

16:30: Finally, I get my head down in a spreadsheet and media analytics tool. I’ve got some monthly reporting to do, helping to analyse output and interaction on social media. I like this kind of work, because it is a chance to see the bigger picture, and I know it is vitally important to demonstrating our value to clients. 

18:00: As things begin to wind down, there are mutterings of a pub trip amongst the team. Down the local we go!

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