This week, we hosted the latest event in our Breakfast & Brainfood series in collaboration with Signal AI. Hosted at our UK HQ, the discussion focused on the innovative ways companies are looking at PR and marketing measurement.

Chairing the event was Vested EMEA CEO Elspeth Rothwell, who was joined by a panel of industry experts; Chris Turner, the Director of Communications at Natwest; Megan Wright, the Head of Innovation and Audio at the Financial Times Longitude; and Neil Morrison, the Head of Measurement at Signal AI.

Our panellists shared their experiences and insights on harnessing the power of metrics to drive business impact, establish trust, and elevate brand equity. If you missed the event, here are the key takeaways:

1. The art of measurement: From numbers to meaning

True success requires taking the data available one step further by offering context and thoughtful qualitative analysis. The emphasis needs to draw away from the big shiny number, and focus instead on sophisticated metrics that align with tangible business outcomes. And as we discussed several times during the session, it is this thoughtfulness and strategic business impact that moves your slide from the appendix to the front of the deck!

Without this layer of understanding, numbers lose their significance and become reminiscent of a GCSE maths paper. By comprehending the influence and impact of PR and marketing efforts, as well as leveraging alignment and engagement metrics, we can effectively showcase the value these initiatives and campaigns bring to the business.

2. Unleashing the power of evolving technologies

In an age of rapid technological advancement and AI evolution, PR and communications professionals must be continuously informed and educated to navigate the world of metric analysis effectively. Staying informed is crucial to being able to establish best practice across the board and to embed strategic measurement throughout the industry.

Additionally, while AI is undoubtedly a powerful tool that expedites and extracts data insights, it should never replace the nuanced human interpretation that PR and marketing professionals bring to the table.

3. The rise of audio and alternative mediums

During the discussion, Megan shed light on the soaring popularity of digital mediums, such as podcasts and video content. Whilst popularity has grown exponentially, relying solely on traditional download-based metrics no longer suffices in measuring their true impact.

A single download could translate into six avid listeners, four shares, and an extensive dive into the content archives. To the business, it might just translate to a single listen. By embracing alternative metrics such as cumulative listening time and share counts, more accurate measurement of consumption and engagement can be achieved.

If you’re interested in more in-person sessions with the Vested team, please join us on 4th July for a breakfast session in partnership with LinkedIn to dive into the Investing in the Digital Age report. Click here for all the details and to RSVP.

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