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I’m Shindy Chen, the Founder and CEO of Scribe, the financial content marketing subsidiary of Vested. When I started the business back in 2016, my mission was to help financial companies create high-quality content a cut above any other content execution partner.

Our focus hasn’t wavered, and we continue to be the foremost agency for everyone from fintech companies like Robinhood, Better, and Domain Money, to the world’s most trusted financial brands, like EY and Goldman Sachs.

This month, Scribe is launching an indispensable new content product, several months in the making. I’m thrilled to introduce Scribe’s Advisor Letter™, a pre-written market recap and analysis. These quarterly newsletters are written for financial advisors and thought leaders to own and repurpose for their own marketing efforts across social media, email, or research – to name a few.

Too often, we saw people attempt DIY content, only to succumb to the four-month content spiral. We’ve all been there – a lot of momentum in the beginning, but as the months go by, your energy for writing starts slipping, and other important tasks and responsibilities (like running your advisory business) get in the way. 

More and more, you talk yourself out of writing and publishing. Your cadence slips and your content calendar slips in the inconsistency oblivion. You may think your clients don’t notice you’ve skipped a regularly-scheduled quarterly newsletter, but — guess what — they do. 

With Scribe’s Advisor Letter, you can send thought-provoking quarterly updates filled with the insights your clients need to make insightful decisions. You can edit the content, add your own perspective, or leave it as is for a proofread, ready-to-go newsletter. It fills the gap for business owners, thought leaders, financial advisors, and RIAs who don’t have the time or team to create thought-provoking, high-quality updates and forecasts for their customers and circle of influence.

There are three different levels: Snapshot, Spotlight, and Strategy. You can pick the version that best suits your audience and marketing needs, or subscribe to all three: 

  • Snapshot: A short and sweet market recap and forecast for a general investor audience. 600 words (about 2 standard 8.5 x 11 letter-sized pages).
  • Spotlight: An in-depth market recap and forecast for a general investor audience. 800 words (about 2.5 standard 8.5 x 11 letter-sized pages).
  • Strategy: An analytical deep dive suitable for clients and referral relationships. 1,000 words (about 4.5 standard 8.5 x 11 letter-sized pages).

Our letters are written by an expert CFA and Ph.D. quant analyst team, with real-world experience and extensive chops in financial writing and market analysis. Each letter is publication-ready, which means it’s been edited in-house two times to rigorous journalistic standards and with compliance top of mind.

To see whether the Scribe Advisor Letter™ suits your needs, download a free sample of all three Q1 Advisor LettersTo inquire about corporate and enterprise custom content packages and services, book a Discovery Call today. 

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