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2023 Mother’s Day Spending

Last Mother’s Day, Americans spent a record $31.7 billion on gifts and outings celebrating the women who shaped their lives and asked them if they were raised in a barn for leaving a door open BUT YOU KNOW I WASN’T, MOM, YOU RAISED ME. Despite a looming recession, data from NRF indicate that 2023 Mother’s Day spending could increase to as much as $35.7 billion – the highest year on record.

Since President Woodrow Wilson signed the 1914 proclamation declaring Mother’s Day a national observance (although the history of the day goes back a bit further), fathers have been buying gifts and saying they’re from the children, or reminding their kids to do something nice for mom every year. Over time, as the holiday gained traction, spending on mom has increased steadily. In the last decade alone, annual spending has gone up by $15 billion.


What Mom Wants

If April showers bring May flowers, then May flowers bring delight to mothers across the US. Research from consumer marketing firm Prodege shows that, after dining out, mothers most wish for flowers and plants as gifts. It’s a good thing too, as the top intended gift reported by shoppers was flowers, with dining out or special outings a close second. With 84% of the population celebrating in some way this year, that’s an awful lot of lilies. 


Top Spending Categories

This year, the average household will drop $274.02 on gifts, and while the most frequently purchased items will be flowers and greeting cards, they aren’t the primary drivers of that price tag. According to NRF, Jewelry is the single largest expense category for the holiday, accounting for $7.8 billion in economic activity. Electronics edge their way up into the third-place spot at $4 billion. While inflation surely impacts those numbers to an extent, it’s hard to imagine that total growth in these categories could be chalked up to that.

Moms in the U.S. will get their special day on May 14. Whether you’re dropping the average $274 on gifts or making something from the heart, remember that your mom probably cares less about the gift than knowing that you appreciate her. 

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