A day in the #VestedLife with Millie Graham: Caffeine and katsu fanatic -

7 AM:My alarm goes off and the first thing I think about is my morning caffeine fix. I boil the kettle, brew my tea, then hop back into bed to read this morning’s headlines.

8 AM:I’m out the door, on my way to the station where I have to battle through the crowds of people to squeeze myself onto a Northern Line tube. Once on, I scroll through my emails and attempt to get through the daily newsletters I receive, looking for interesting news that relates to our clients.

8:45 AM:I’ve made it to work and am excited about the busy day ahead of me. I make my second tea of the day and pull together my to-do list.

12:30 PM:Did someone say lunchtime? So far, I’ve done a sell-in for our pro-bono client Charity Bank, a call with the Wall Street Journal and another client for the Markets Wrap, a content brainstorm, oh and another cup of tea – all before midday! I quickly check my emails before heading out for a stroll with some of the team to see what the City’s selection of eateries has to offer, even though I know the chicken katsu curry from K10 is a winner every time. We get back to the office and head to the outdoor seats to eat our lunch in the summer sun.

3 PM: After spending the first half of my afternoon drafting social posts and finishing a client blog, it’s now time for my next caffeine hit of the day, but this time it’s a Diet Coke. I make my way downstairs with some colleagues to find the coldest can on offer while discussing last night’s episode of whichever reality TV show is airing.

5:40 PM: I pack up my things and head off to Financially Fabulous’ My Money Festival, where the evening’s topic of conversation is taking better control of your money.

9 PM: I leave the event feeling inspired to make some changes to my own personal finance habits and savings goals and make a plan of action.

9:45 PM: I arrive home, quickly organise myself for the day ahead and have a bite to eat. I’m just in time for tonight’s reality TV fix, so I can enjoy another debrief over tomorrow’s Diet Coke break!

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