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Influences and advertisers: is anyone paying attention?

Influences and advertisers: is anyone paying attention?: Sponsored content and paid endorsements have been fast-tracked to how we consume media, and quickly became brands’ go-to advertising plan. But companies like Ipsy, an online cosmetics brand that once touted its influencer social strategy, are pulling back. According to The Wall Street Journal, advertisers found that an influencer’s following is not necessarily tied to its active audience and offers little insight into who, exactly, is “engaged.” Thus, ad dollars spent with these folks are hard to track and measure.

“Consumers can see if someone honestly cares about a product or whether they are just trying to push it,” said Anders Ankarlid, CEO of the online stationery retailer A Good Company. “The bubble is starting to burst.”

Taking a perilous stand: Earlier this month, more than 1,700 people, including Guardian columnist, George Monbiot, were arrested for being part of a mass civil disobedience movement that highlighted the escalating climate emergency.

Guardian Money looked at the financial implications of being arrested in such a protest and has answered a wide range of questions relating to home and car insurance, credit score, bank accounts, future employment and future travel. The publication found that those involved could face serious issues with their personal finances.

Brexit is bonkers: CNBC reported the “Super Saturday” session in the House of Commons offered little news on whether or not if Britain will be exiting the European Union. U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked for an extension to the deadline, hence postponing the Brexit vote.

Although the EU leaders do not have to accept the request, the developments in Parliament set up a complicated week with just 11 days left until the U.K. is still due to leave the world’s largest trading bloc.

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