Holiday Hoarding, Thanksgiving Stocks, and Jerome Powell

Holiday Hoarding: As this week kicks off the start of the holiday season for 2021, many have started their Christmas shopping ahead of schedule. Forbes reported that 45% of Americans started their holiday shopping in early October.  With all the talk of shortages and supply chain delays, there is a panic in the air to avoid a sparse Christmas.  This has led to many over buying and having more gifts than people which only contributes to the problem of empty shelves.

Thanksgiving Stocks: With a shorter work week than usual, what does this mean for the trading world? Market Watch walks us through how this week has fared in the past.  While the holiday in the middle of the week may translate to choppy results in the market, overall it has given positive results

Jerome Powell: Biden made his announcement this week of his nomination of Jerome Powell for his second term as Federal Reserve Chairman.  The Wall Street Journal covers how this came as a surprise to many democrats who have been critical of Jerome’s decisions. While Jerome has faced controversy, his navigation of our economy through covid and inflation is why he is being nominated again.

Salary Negotiations:  As the job market heats up and younger generations become more comfortable with money, there has been a shift in the company and employee relationship.  More and more young employees entering the workforce are becoming very transparent with how much they make.  This transparency has led to better negotiations and higher pay.  CNBC covers the story of how a 26 year old used this to his advantage when accepting a job offer from a tech company. 

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