Our Team of Financial Communications Experts | Vested

Who We Are

Dan Simon


Binna Kim


Ishviene Arora


Elspeth Rothwell


Amber Roberts

CEO, US Professional Services

Corey Goldman

CEO, Canada

Eric Hazard

CEO, Vested Ventures

Seth Rosenstein


Milton Ezrati

Chief Economist

Kevin Trowbridge


Loreal Torres

Chief People Officer

Barry Janay

Chief Legal Officer

Adrienne Robbins

Director of Operations

Christina Bertinelli

Managing Director

Judi Flynn

Managing Director

Matt Kneller

Managing Director, Qwoted

Katie Spreadbury

Managing Director

Jo Field


Kristina Pereira Tully


Danny Calogero


Jacqueline Gogel


Bryan Limon


Sophie Paterson

Associate Director

Jess Vallance

Associate Director

George Pitt

Account Director

Adam Bernards

Senior Account Director

Marian Daniells

Vice President

Danny Scanzoni

Senior Designer

Erica Thompson

Head of Agency Marketing

Savannah Waranis

Senior Project Manager

Jackie Hyland

Media Relations Manager

Phil McMahon

Senior Account Manager

Amelia Graham

Senior Account Manager

Kerry Mullen

Senior Account Manager

Emma Clarke

Senior Account Manager

Brandon Jones

Account Manager

Ibby Hussain

Account Manager

Andrew DeCaro

Senior Account Executive

Natalie Boyajan

Senior Account Executive

Thomas Lodge

Senior Account Executive

Caroline Andrews

Senior Account Executive

Corey Law

Senior Account Executive

Natasha Ramsammy

Senior Account Executive

Sarah Richter

Account Executive

Sydney Berman

Account Executive

Marte Eggleston

Account Executive

Gabby DiCarlo


Ellery Smith


Joanna Barragan

Office Manager


Caliber is one of Vested’s sister agencies, which also specializes in PR and marketing for financial services companies. Together, Caliber and Vested work to serve clients across industry verticals and pool resources to provide scalable and robust offerings. Learn more about our relationship with Caliber here.

Qwoted is a free expert platform designed to help business and finance journalists write better stories faster. Financial reporting is getting tougher with tighter deadlines and faster news cycles. Qwoted helps journalists develop and produce higher quality content more quickly by providing easy access to vetted sources in one place. Through the platform, PR professionals can list clients as sources and respond directly to reporters’ requests in real-time. Originally developed inside of Vested, Qwoted is now a separate entity with users from some of the most established news organizations including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Fortune and others.

Scribe is a content agency serving fintech startups to the world’s largest financial companies. The agency marries its abilities to create scalable, compliant, high-quality content with deep subject matter expertise across multiple financial sectors. Scribe’s team of finance veterans, published authors, strategists, writers, and copywriters create editorial blogs, whitepapers, annual reports, and marketing copy for diverse business and consumer audiences. The company is headquartered in New York City. Learn more about Scribe and book a short Discovery Call today.

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