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Kevin Trowbridge

Headshot of Vested team member Kevin Trowbridge.

Kevin Trowbridge


Kevin grew up in Michigan, and studied Electrical Engineering at Michigan Technological University. He also traveled to Switzerland and Mexico to earn a minor in Romance Languages. As a teen Kevin loved the early internet. After college, inspired by companies such as Google, he moved to the Bay Area, entering the tech world as a Technical Writer for Ariba. Then, he was hired as “first QA person” for an early stage startup. Since 2009 he has contributed to more than 15 projects, with leading roles in The Bold ItalicAn Event ApartCreative Bug, Wheelz, and HitRecord.

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a number of companies who have reinvented their category. Vested is on a similar mission in communications and I believe the PR industry is ripe for technological disruption.