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Future of finance

Our roots are deep in fintech and continue to grow as the space evolves. Vested has been a player in the space long before it was “cool.” Back when it was referred to more blandly as “financial technology,” Vested was working with SS&C and FIS, behind-the-scenes tech solutions that continue to dominate the banking world. As fintech expands its market and offerings, Vested does too. With clients like World Remit, Finastra, PeerStreet and others, Vested not only understands the industry’s history, but also its future — and how to create narratives for newer players in the space that weaves the two together.

Whether it’s robo advisors or peer-to-peer lenders, Vested is committed to the central idea of how technology is changing finance and the challenges it creates. It’s why our CEO Daniel P. Simon is a Barclays Accelerator mentor and wrote “The Money Hackers” (HarperCollins 2020), a book chronicling the rise of fintech and how it’s changed Wall Street. It’s also why we have a VC business that invests in fintechs we believe are doing good. 

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