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Vested is a new communications firm for a new financial industry. At Vested we mix two shots of deep industry experience with a swig of combustible creativity, throw in a dash of smart data and pour the whole thing over a global ecosystem, to deliver potent and refreshing outcomes for our clients.

Vested has a unique perspective on the changes taking place within the financial industry today. To meet the demand these changes are creating, we have combined a truly integrated communications model with a distinctive approach to talent management and an unparalleled industry network.

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Through The Looking Glass: A Message For Professional Communicators

November 09, 2016

Through The Looking Glass: A Message For Professional Communicators

Whatever your political views, last night's stunning election outcome confirms two related facts that June's Brexit vote raised merely as suspicions: 1) As Brexit presaged before this, the political concept of 'Right' vs 'Left' which has defined the terms of the developed world's macroeconomic debate for the past century is dead. Done. Over. The New Debate is about Technology and its impact on Jobs, about Urban vs Rural, about Income Distribution, about Empirical vs Emotional and about Protectionism vs Globalization. In other words: our job, what we discuss, debate and...

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