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Women dominate US job market

You go girl: Last week’s jobs report shows that more than half of all payroll jobs in America are filled by women – only the second time in history, according to NPR. The revelation comes on the heels of declining growth after just 145,000 jobs were added to the market in December. Of those, 95 percent went to women.

“I feel very strongly that a year from now, their share will continue to be over 50 percent,” Betsey Stevenson, a University of Michigan economist who served in the Obama administration, told NPR.

A tech-savvy twist to banking: New Yorkers may enjoy a payment service similar to Venmo with the purpose of including more people in the economy in an attempt to stimulate growth. The proposal comes from lawmakers amid an estimation that 14 million Americans are excluded from the formal banking system, and are forced to turn to predatory payday loan organizations.

According to reports, the initiative, called the Inclusive Value Ledger, was put forth in November and if passed, will be the first banking platform owned by the public.

Goldman expands empire: Goldman Sachs will double its headcount in China to 600 people as part of a five-year plan to tap into the country’s financial markets, according to Bloomberg. China is reportedly looking for fresh investments to cushion its economy and to attract foreign competition to sharpen the domestic financial industry

A royal showdown: Megan Markle and Prince Harry are officially stepping down as “senior” members of the royal family, but questions remain about how they’ll be financially independent. The move would mean the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer receive money through the sovereign grant. According to Business Insider, the couple will need millions to maintain their lavish lifestyle which includes expenses like expensive home renovations.

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