Threatening Economy, 2021 Entrepreneurs, Australian Lockdown

Threatening Economy: As we slowly reopen offices and return to school, everyone is turning to the economy to watch for what to expect.  The Economist discusses threats to expect in the coming months concerning our economy.  They also take a look at China’s economy as the USA and China make up for 40% of global GDP. While there are some concerns, things have been worse in past recessions.

2021 Entrepreneurs: The great recession has been sweeping the US labor market since the beginning of 2021.  A new trend has emerged as many are choosing to become their own bosses instead of returning to corporate America.  The Wall Street Journal covers how many are turning to everything from consulting to small business owners in order to gain freedom in their life they felt was missing even before the pandemic. 

Australian Lockdown:  Australia has been known for their strict COVID protocols and lockdowns since the start of the pandemic.  However, their economy is taking a major hit as these lockdowns continue.  According to Bloomberg Australia has experienced a significant decrease in gross domestic product.

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