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The Revival Of Gilly Hicks

The Revival Of Gilly Hicks: You certainly don’t need to look too far to find news about how the demise of brick-and-mortar retail. However, Abercrombie and Fitch is hoping to turn the tables on this trend by bringing back Gilly Hicks, its pre-teen lingerie sub-brand in pop-up capacity, according to CNBC. Abercrombie opened up four pop-up shops last week to generate interest for the brand, which will remain for twelve months in various mall locations throughout the country.

It’s quite a strategic move on Abercrombie’s part, as well-known lingerie brands such as Victoria’s Secret are currently struggling. The move could set them apart in the space by creating the influencer appearance many brands are striving for.

Influencers Turn To Wall Street To Manage Their Money: Content creators on YouTube and Instagram are earning millions by connecting to a worldwide audience. As influencers’ bank accounts begin to grow, their understanding of money management seemingly does too, according to Bloomberg.

Jason Kirsch is the founder of Grow, a financial-planning firm geared towards millennials who has advised many various social media stars. He points out that those who wish to manage content creators have to keep in mind that they might be different from other past clients. He states, “Many influencers are young and they’re expanding in ways that we haven’t seen before,” clarifying that many young Youtubers are investing back into their business or simply new to this amount of income.

Warren Wants To Emphasize Banking: Warren has never been a friend to Wall Street, and she recently unveiled a plan that puts the world of finance on the firing line. Warren has been polling quite well, recently closing the gap on Sanders’ lead in a recent progressive straw poll.

The plan is ambitious and aims to not only reverse recent bank regulations but also impose limits on executive compensation, as well. However, this is nothing new, as Warren has been criticizing Wall Street for years. However, some are wondering whether emphasizing banking regulation as a platform issue is the right strategy.

China Tech Exchange Surges: Shanghai’s first day of trading for its science and technology equities market was a memorable one, with shares of companies rose by as much as 520 percentage. The tech exchange, named Star Market, is China’s response to the NASDAQ of the United States, the internationally-known stock market that is dominated by technology companies. The exchange was announced less than a year ago.

Beijing is hoping that China’s tech companies choose to list their company at home rather than abroad to encourage domestic investment. Four of the 25 stocks were up more than 200% before the close of the first day. The price action is notably unusual for China, where authorities often cap a stock within a certain range.

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