Charlie Munger, UK Scams, Mortgage Rates

Charlie Munger: While cryptocurrency is quickly gaining popularity, other investors are struggling to get on board.  Charlie Munger, who has made billions through his investments, does not agree with cryptocurrency.  CNBC covers his arguments against these new investment opportunities.  He disagrees with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies not just from a financial standpoint but that of moral one as well.  

UK Scams: Millions of pounds are being lost through scams in the UK. What is now coined the “scamdemic” has affected more than 32,000 UK citizens . The Telegraph covers these many scams as well as some advice on avoiding them.

Mortgage Rates: The mortgage rates today have risen from what they were a couple months ago, but are still historically lower than usual.  Buffalo News takes us on a journey of fixed mortgage rates through the years and what this means for the housing market in the future. 

Stock Market & Omnicon: With the latest Covid variant, Omicron, slowly making its way across the globe, many wonder what this will mean for the stock market.  Yahoo Finance gives us the three top concerns investors have with Omicron.  First, it could cause our economy to shut down again.  Second, it could cause more harm to our supply chain.  Third, lengthening out the time of work shortages.  All that being said, there is still not a large amount of information on this new variant and we still have time to hope for the best.

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