Redefining Finance for Good


Finastra, a large global financial technology firm serving 8,600 financial institutions, launched a campaign called “Redefining Finance for Good.” Vested, Finastra’s long-term agency partner, was tasked with generating earned media results for the campaign and communicating how Finastra and its ecosystem were changing millions of lives.


To showcase how Finastra was redefining finance for good, Vested built a media strategy that put Finastra’s customers—banks, credit unions, community banks and fintechs—at the center. We worked alongside Finastra’s PR and Marketing team to identify customer and partner advocates with a financial inclusion story to tell and crafted compelling, emotive narratives. Vested coupled this with promotional activity for a piece of ethnographic research on financial empowerment that Finastra developed.


Vested secured consistent coverage tied to the “Redefining Finance for Good” campaign in priority publications for Finastra: platinum-tiered trade press with highly-targeted readership. Key successes included:

  • Feature coverage in American Banker showcasing how Finastra’s technology enabled minority-owned community financial development institutions to power loans for their underserved communities.
  • An op-ed authored by a key Finastra leader with a call to action for financial institutions to accelerate financial inclusivity efforts.
  • A Breaking Banks podcast episode on the ethnographic financial empowerment research. The team took the coverage and converted it to social and digital assets for Finastra’s owned and shared channels, turning the earned media into sales enablement tools for the firm.