Financial Influencer Marketing Case Study: PeerStreet | Vested

Influencing the Influencers

Brief &

PeerStreet is an innovative real estate marketplace lending firm founded by a former real estate attorney and the creator of Google Analytics. A longtime client of Vested, the brief has been to raise the firm’s overall visibility to drive investor interest.

In addition to our traditional earned media approach, a critical part of the program has been influencing the influencers – the many bloggers, podcasters, and industry figureheads that are talking about the space. From coordinating with industry association heads to foremost social influencers, the focus has been to raise PeerStreet’s brand impact amongst these influencers to turn them into advocates.


Vested secured coverage for PeerStreet in a variety of influential finance blogs, including Millennial Money and Stacking Benjamins, as well as established editorial outlets, such as Business Insider and Forbes.

Website mockups of the PeerStreet media coverage shown on a MacBook and mobile device.

Desktop: PeerStreet was featured heavily on the Stacking Benjamins podcast, a popular listen among financial influencers.
Mobile: An article in Business Insider on PeerStreet and one of its investors, Michael Burry, who rose to worldwide acclaim after being featured in the Big Short.


A steady stream of “coverage” and advocacy from important influencers in the space, yielding not only web traffic but actual investment into the platform. The ROI has been tangible and valuable for PeerStreet.