Launching a Podcast to Showcase Company Culture


Acrisure was looking for a way to connect over 16,000 colleagues in 21 countries across five vertical lines of business. As a community of entrepreneurs unified by a common vision of limitless growth, Acrisure had compiled a goldmine of valuable knowledge, experience, and insights without an efficient means of reaching their vast community of colleagues.


Vested and Acrisure created the “Limitless Possibilities” podcast series, which provides a behind-the-scenes look at the people and stories of Acrisure. Each episode features a special guest from within the Acrisure community to reflect on recent projects or initiatives, to tell their story, and define what a culture of “limitless possibilities” means to them. Vested worked closely with the Acrisure communications team to build out engaging topics, identify interesting partners or executives to potentially feature, and draft a run of show for each episode.


Throughout season 1, each episode gained an increasing number of listeners (downloads) that steadily grew with strategic social media and website promotion. Each episode was rich with evergreen content spanning the verticals at Acrisure that could be repurposed for weeks and months after it aired. The podcast succeeded in highlighting the entrepreneurial spirit and inner-culture of Acrisure in a way that it hadn’t been before. Anecdotally, Vested and the Acrisure comms team received very positive feedback, such as this glowing remark from the Co-Founder and CEO: “This is exceptional . . . nicely done!! Thanks guys . . . GREAT job … we need to aggressively ‘push’ this out.”