Worldwide Business Research Retains Vested as Agency of Record

As we announced today, Vested has been selected as agency of record by Worldwide Business Research (WBR), an events company and professional services provider that hosts more than 80 industry-leading conferences annually.
Vested will support WBR’s events in the financial services space by raising brand awareness around key conferences, eight of which are scheduled to occur in the United States during the next 12 months. Outside of financial services, WBR hosts international conferences for other sectors, such as e-commerce, financial services, logistics, defense, retail, human resources, and mobile.
In our release, WBR marketing director Amol Tembe explained: “Many people have one influential educator who they remember. That’s the role we strive to play in these industries: We’re a source of knowledge, networking, and the information that truly matters in today’s professional sectors. Having the right people in those rooms, and leveraging externally the knowledge of industry thought leaders, is what we’re turning to Vested to help us achieve.”
We are thrilled to partner with WBR as their agency of record. WBR is the leader of hosting the largest portfolio of financial services events globally and Vested’s out-of-the-box thinking and deep expertise in finance and media make us the perfect fit. We’re excited to support WBR’s work in the finance vertical to move the industry forward.

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