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Launched in 2015 by Alex Northcott, Roxhill Media is the next generation of media intelligence systems. Roxhill goes beyond the old database restrictions by analysing and tagging live news feeds from thousands of journalists allowing users to assess what is driving the media agenda and make informed decisions on their media engagement activities.  It has been designed as both an interactive and intuitive research tool and is entirely customisable by the user – so that specific journalists (including their Twitter feeds), sectors, topics and companies can be researched and the resulting data presented in an easily digestible and downloadable way. Additionally, specially tailored e-mail alerts throughout the day feed the latest relevant updates straight into the users’ inbox. Aimed at professional communicators, its clients are blue chip city institutions and corporates as well as leading PR agencies.

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Signal is transforming the way organizations monitor, discover and draw insights from the worlds media. Their product enables businesses to capture all of the most relevant content across print, online, blogs, social and premium media and then using their proprietary machine learning technology unearth business critical insights from that data. They launched their Beta in May and are already servicing companies like Swiss Re, Twitter and Index Ventures.