Lauren Pozmanter: Dog Mom and Media Relations Powerhouse

Lauren Pozmanter

Senior Account Manager

We’re excited to introduce this #VestedLife monthly mini-series, which profiles a day in the life of Vested’s passionate, busy, coffee-fueled employees (affectionately dubbed “Vesties”). This series is part of an ongoing initiative to uncover (and celebrate!) the unique culture at the agency and give readers a peek at how fun yet challenging life at Vested can be.

#VestedLife: Lauren Pozmanter: Dog Mom and Media Relations Powerhouse

Lauren Pozmanter, Senior Account Manager
Long Island, NY
Lauren tweets at @lnpoz


6:15 AM

My alarm is set for 6:20 AM but I wake up before it goes off, which saves me from the agony of hearing my dog bark at an ear-piercing sound level. I quickly get ready, grab a protein bar for the commute and head out the door with barely a minute to spare. Shockingly, the LIRR is operating on time today, so I will have no problems making it to my morning meeting.

7:15 AM

The hour-long commute into the city provides the perfect opportunity to get some work done. I assemble and send out a round-up of earnings news to a client, read through trending news stories and begin to compile my to-do list for the day. It’s a long walk on a very hot day from the station to the office, so cold brew on tap is a must once I walk in.

11:30 AM

The morning has flown by! Luckily, I have a quick break for lunch and dash out with a colleague to grab Sweetgreen, a Vested favorite.

Tuesday mornings are busy for most Vesties, and I too have been on back-to-back client calls, and internal meetings for a few hours straight. Today, I have been working on a new business pitch, preparing a report for a client, and preparing a client for a slew of upcoming media interviews. My favorite tip? Don’t let the silence trick you. 

3:30 PM

The second half of my day, I’ve been conducting media outreach for a client that is visiting from the west coast. Also on my mind: working with my team to prep for a major client meeting next week. We have some heavy prep to do as we plan out the rest of the year and brainstorm different approaches and ideas to wow the client, but we all enjoy the challenge.

5:45 PM

Where did the time go?! After a marathon session of meetings and pitching, I run out the door to meet my newest client for a drink at The Rag Trader, a bar near our midtown office. It’s pouring which is not ideal and I’m grateful the bar is only a couple blocks away. We discuss the account over cocktails and cultivate some creative solutions to ongoing roadblocks. It’s casual and laid-back, but the perfect opportunity get some quality one-on-one time with the client.

10:00 PM

Back home on Long Island, I quickly let the dog out, do some quick cleaning and hit the hay. I have breakfast with a client who is in town from San Francisco so it will be another early start! But, at Vested we tend to make the most of our days and value client face time above all, so I set my alarm and get ready for whatever tomorrow throws at me.