What’s the Best Way to Use Your Tax Refund?

Tax season is upon us and millions of Americans will be expecting a refund this year. The question is, what’s the best way to use it to achieve your personal and financial goals? Discover Online banking is seeking insight from financial professionals on the best ways to use a refund and from everyday people on what they plan to do with their refunds this year. 1. If one of your personal goals is better health, what are some ways you can use a refund with that in mind? Joining a gym, buying exercise equipment, getting a check-up, spending on self-care (i.e. a spa day or a new mattress to help you sleep better?) 2. If you want to spend part of your refund on an experience vs. things, what are some tips for making sure you get the most bang for your buck? For example, how can you decide what you should spurge on and what you can spend less on? (i.e. fly a discount airline but stay at a luxury hotel if you’re traveling) 3. If someone wants to use a refund to invest in themselves, how is that money best spent? Career training? Learning a new job skill, going to coding camp, pursuing a personal hobby, starting a side hustle? 4. Along with these less common ways to use a refund, there are always the old standbys of paying down debt and saving. How can someone balance these two goals against one another and make the best use of their refund? 5. If someone is paying down debt, which one should they focus on first? Credit cards vs loans? High-interest or high-balance? 6. If someone has multiple savings goals, which one comes first? Emergency fund? Down payment for a home? Retirement? Any insight or unique tips beyond the scope of these questions is welcome! Requirements: Any tips offered can’t be interpreted as tax advice, per Discover compliance. All sources must sign a release, which I will provide.