How to Use Back to School to Get Finances Back on Track

I’m writing a piece for Colonial Life on how families can use
the back to school season to get their finances back on track for the rest of the year: -What are some common items families can look at cutting to save money the rest of the year? What’s the best way to manage these savings? -How appropriate is it to include school-aged children in discussions on what to cut/family finances? -What are some good ways to save on back to school shopping? How can parents best say “no” to children that want expensive items? -What are some tips for parents of new college students to manage savings as a result of their child leaving home to go to college? What should take priority? Requirements: Preferably someone from the financial services industry or financial advisor. If you’re from a PR firm, please have the quotes sent directly and not an offer to connect or have a call. Please send responses in quotable sentences as that would be most helpful. Please no product pitches.