Urgent/Financial Advisors Using Tech to Get and Keep Clients

The story is about using tech to enhance client relationships with financial advisors. I’m hoping to talk to advisors and anyone else knowledgeable about the subject. An IT professional working at an advisor would be ideal (in-house employee). No tech companies. Please respond ASAP, as I’m on deadline. Email is and cell is 908 723-3105. The story is not just about appealing to millennials — it’s about appealing to all generations — and the single best way to do that is with digital tools that attract an increasingly tech-savvy client no matter their age. According to Fidelity, emerging affluent investors who are poised to accumulate wealth expect technology to be a part of their financial activity management (69%) and 41 percent said they would leave their advisor if he or she wasn’t using technology to enhance service. This article will discuss the digital expectations of affluent clients, breaking down the subtle differences between generations, but ultimately making the argument that technology can enhance the client/advisor relationship – and how the right kind of technology can help.