U.S. News & World Report: How will the new tax laws affect investment?

Lou Carlozo, an investment contributor for U.S. News and World Report, is working on a story about how the the newly passed tax legislation will affect investments in 2018. This story is bound to get great play given that 2018 has many people wondering how the new tax laws will affect all facets of the economy, including investment. Please reply to some/all of these questions VIA EMAIL by 1 p.m. Eastern time Friday, Jan. 12. Include the OFFICIAL TITLE of the person replying, and where they are based. 1) What’s your overall take on how the tax cuts will affect Wall Street and investment, both now and going forward? 2) Which sectors and/or particular stocks stand to do especially well? Why? 3) How might investors in the general sense benefit? 4) Is there a history, looking back, in terms of how similar tax cuts (or rewrites of tax law) have changed the investment marketplace? 5) While a major intent of the tax cut is to create more jobs, there’s actually an argument that businesses will (and have an obligation to) take the gains and give them out to shareholders as dividends, for example. What’s your take on what businesses will do? 6) How might other government actions in 2018, such as the expected interest rate hikes, compound or complicate what the tax cut is doing? 7) Could there be an losers in the investment sector with this tax cut? And with the increasing of national debt to record levels, should all investors be wary in the longer term? 8) Anything else to add? Stats, studies especially welcome. Due to the volume of anticipated answers, I won’t be able to use/answer all replies, but will do my best. I look forward to making new friends in the PR world in 2018!