U.S. News & World Report: Impact Investing

Lou Carlozo, an investment reporter with U.S. News & World Report, is working on a story about impact investing – where people decide to use their investing decisions and dollars for social, environmental or cause-related impact. Please respond to some/all of these questions *via email* no later than noon EST on Friday, Feb. 23. Include your name as you’d like to see it in print, title, company and where you are based. 1. How does one thoughtfully reconcile the desire to make a difference and make a profit in terms of impact investing? 2. What are some of the more popular impact investment funds or stocks that people are choosing to invest in? What explains their appeal? 3. When investors choose to go this route, what words of encouragement and caution would you offer? 4. Do current events ever cause a spike in certain kinds of impact investing? What other factors might lead to the growth or explosion of a certain impact investing option? 5. Any sense of how 2018 is shaping up for impact investing? What kinds of causes have been among the most popular? 6. Do you have anything else to add? Statistics, charts and reports are especially welcome, as are anecdotes reflecting your direct experience. Lou Carlozo, the managing editor at the Bank Administration Institute, is a veteran investment writer for U.S & News & World Report. He is based in Chicago.