U.S. News & World Report: GE Dividends – an Uncertain Future

Lou Carlozo, an investment contributor for U.S. News and World Report, is working on a story about GE and its dividend history and performance. Please reply to some/all of these questions *via email* by noon EDT Friday, Mar. 30. Include the *official title* of the person replying, and where they are based. Be sure to put GE DIVIDENDS, all caps, in the subject line. 1. GE has been a dividend king for years, but this last quarterly dividend marked a significant drop. What does that say about the over health of the company? 2. GE historically has been a strong and iconic company. What reasons explain its recent slide? 3. What would it take for GE’s dividend to bounce back? 4. Is there an argument that in selling off its lighting division – the very thing Edison founded the company on – that GE is now a company lacking any identity? 5. Looking ahead, is GE a good investment from either the dividend or stock price side? Why or why not? 6. Do you have anything else to add? Due to the volume of anticipated answers, I won’t be able to use/answer all replies, but will do my best. I look forward to making new friends in the PR world in Spring 2018!