U.S. News & World Report: How Brexit Will Affect Investments

Lou Carlozo, an investment contributor for U.S. News and World Report, is working on a story about how the Brexit will affect investments in 2018. It’s a timely story given that 2018 already has many people speculating on what Brexit will do to reshape how business is done. Please reply to these questions *via email* by 2 p.m. ET Friday Jan. 5. Put BREXIT INVESTMENTS (all caps) in the subject headline so I don’t miss your answers. Include the *Official Title* of the person replying and where they are based. I am interested in: 1. Are there particular sectors or companies that stand to gain/lose as a result of the Brexit? Where might hidden investment opportunities lie? 2. Is there a chance that Brexit concerns have been overblown? Or are we just beginning to see what might come to pass as the date approaches? 3. Why are the dynamics of Brexit different as opposed to other factors that influence share prices and companies? For example, does the unprecedented nature of the event mean it can’t be lumped in with other sorts of market changes? 4. Which companies have already signaled that Brexit will change the way they do business? Are they in time to shore up their operations, or could profits and share prices be at peril? 5. What should investors look for in the future so far as warning signs or signals to tweak their investment portfolio, or capitalize on new opportunities? 6. Do you have anything else to add? Due to the volume of anticipated answers, I won’t be able to use/answer all replies, but will do my best. I look forward to making new friends in the PR world in 2018!