TECH Leaders: What are ERP Trends for 2018?

Writing an article for on what’s new and shiny in the world of ERP. If you have a *NEW* feature or case study about ERP, let’s hear about it. Here are the questions to get you started. 1) What is your name, title and company (e.g. Bob Harris, ERP manager, Apple). 2) What is an ERP win you’ve proud of achieving in 2018 (e.g. saved money, decommissioned an old mainframe, sped up the annual budget process)? 3) What ERP projects are you currently working on right now (excluding maintenance/keeping the lights on type projects)? 4) What new players in the ERP market are you interested in and why? 5) Have you improved your supply chain/vendor management using ERP this year? If so, how? 6) Are you using AI/machine learning in your ERP in 2018? To what purpose? Requirements: Prefer responses from ERP end users and managers. PR firms/consultants: include your clients for the best results. Include numbers, dollars and cents and other concrete details in your pitch.