Why You Shouldn’t Overlook Credit Cards From Smaller Banks

Big banks dominate the credit card game but it’s possible to find some hidden gems among smaller banks. is looking for credit card and banking experts to share insight on the following: 1. In general, how do rewards credit cards from smaller banks compare to those issued by the big-name banks? 2. What benefits or advantages are there to getting a credit card with a smaller bank? For example, is it easier to get approved? Do smaller banks tend to charge fewer fees? 3. What are the drawbacks of getting a card from a smaller bank? Are the rewards programs not as good? Can you get approved for a card with a bank in California if you live in Connecticut? 4. If you’re choosing a card from a smaller bank, what do you need to consider before you apply to make sure it’s a good fit? 5. How can you maximize the rewards or benefits of your card when it’s less well-known than a card issued by a major bank?