Seeking lenders, Attorneys, Professors for Story On Home Improvement Loans

Opting for a home improvement loan. This story will examine the pros and cons of a home improvement loan and how to shop for one. I can either conduct a phone or email interview –with the latter, please email me back full-sentence written responses that I can use as quotes–. My deadline is noon central time, Thursday, May 31. 1) What is the difference between a home improvement loan versus a home equity loan or HELOC? 2) What are the advantages of a home improvement loan? What are the disadvantages/risks? 3) Who is a good candidate for a home improvement loan? What minimum criteria –e.g., credit score, etc.– should they meet? 4) Why can getting a home improvement loan and fixing up your home be smarter than listing/selling your home and moving –e.g., save on the costs of selling and buying, opportunity to customize your home the way you want, etc.–? 5) Who offers home improvement loans? Where should one search? 6) For which borrower candidates is it better to pursue a home equity loan or HELOC and why? 7) What tips do you recommend to help prospective borrowers find and secure the best home improvement loan at the most preferred rate? 8) Any do’s, don’ts or special considerations before committing to a home improvement loan? Do you have any other thoughts, tips or suggestions on this topic?