Seeking a financial expert, a member, or advocate of the LGBT community to provide financial insight

Looking for a financial expert/planner, a member, or an advocate of the LGBT community to give insight into what the financial struggles are for the LGBT community.Please answer at least 2 of the following questions. What are some financial situations that the LGBT community find themselves in? Why would they be having these issues? (Ex: Lack of laws? Discrimination?) There have been social improvements for the LGBT community – what impact has that had on their finances? Despite these social improvements, are there still struggles that LGBT find themselves in that could affect their finances – what social improvements would need to happen to help these situations? (Ex: Is there still evidence of discrimination in the workplace? How could this affect their financial situation?) What are some differences between LGBT couples’ finances and heterosexual couples? (Ex: Do LGBT couples save differently for retirement than heterosexual couples? Estate planning?) Requirements: Answer 2 questions in depth and provide unique answers!