Retiring with Debt? Here’s What You Need to Know

Retiring with Debt? Here’s What You Need to Know – Americans are nearing retirement or living in retirement while carrying greater amounts of mortgage debt, student loans or credit card balances – and that’s a problem. If you’re nearing retirement and still paying down debt, how should you plan to juggle both? Also, how can you avoid racking up more debt after you stop working, when generally you can’t count on a salary increase to help pay down your obligations, and you don’t want to raid your retirement savings to pay down that debt? – – – Need retirement savings and finance experts to weigh in on the topic of handling debt in retirement. How do you recognize and get a grip on the problem and turn the situation around in your favor? Specific tips would be great. Thanks! Requirements: Retirement experts, money experts, retirement savings experts, debt experts, money managers, actual retirees.