Retirement Planning Tips for Small Business Owners and Their Employees

Today, more than ever, emerging questions about retirement “safety nets,” ranging from tax policy regarding retirement plans to Social Security and Medicare, leave many millennials and others feeling uncertain about their future. This piece –branded content for Inc. magazine– will cover how owners and employees of small companies can give themselves the best possible retirement plans. 1) What advice can you offer small business owners for planning for their retirement? 2) What factors might they be overlooking? 3) What benchmarks can they use to see if they are on the right track? 4) How can they help their employees prepare for retirement, too? 5) In these uncertain times, tax diversification is more important than ever. Could you explain why and give some tips for small business owners? How about their employee, what sort of retirement assets should they consider? 6) Are there any specific considerations small business owners and employees need to be aware of when it comes to retirement planning –that differ from the concerns of owners and employees of large corporations? Please respond via email with your credentials and responses to these questions.